2014 First China UK Low Carbon Construction Industrialisatio

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    The first China-UK Low Carbon Construction Industrialisation Forum was successfully held on BRE Headquarter Watford, UK on 12th December 2014. This forum is jointly established by BRE (Building Research Establishment) and CBEEs (Chinese Built Environment Experts), organized by BRE and sponsored by Hongsheng Construction Group. The event is also supported by Architectural Society of China (ASC), CIOB, Shanghai Green Building Council, Research Institute of Building Science (SRIBS), Construction Economics and Management Research Group, Northumbria University, Nottingham Trent University, Shanghai International Green Building Technology Incubator and lowbuild.com.

    Low carbon construction is to promote green and recycling economy, the effective power of low-carbon industry. As the world's highest greenhouse emissions country, China has the responsibility and obligation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions(decrease by 40%-45% in2020), and promote the development of the growth of low-carbon industries. Britain, as the pioneer of low-carbon industry is flourishing country, the global leader in technology and services solutions cover a wide range of low carbon construction categories. The purpose of this forum is to promote bilateral cooperation and exchanges in the field of low-carbon buildings, building a technology innovation platform to enhance the multi-dimensional collaboration between two countries and promote in the research and development of low-carbon industries.

    Minister Counselor Mr. Chen Futao spoke on low carbon building industry in the public awareness and market prospects. He believes that while China's rapid economic development should pay attention to the construction of low-carbon and low-carbon industries to build and grow. Using an efficient market mechanism as the basis, establish and improve industry standardisation system, while strengthening public awareness is essential. The Forum effectively promoted academic exchange and integration of low-carbon business areas, helps to build a bridge for long-term cooperation and exchanges between China and Britain as well as cross-border cooperation between private companies.

    The forum is divided into three themes: low carbon policy, low carbon building assessment tool and benchmarks, and low carbon design, construction and finance. British Embassy First Secretary Paul Wills introduced low-carbon industrial policies in detail. The global economy and the continued migration of a large number of urbanization contributed to the important role of low-carbon construction industry in the UK. 2008-2014 British government developed a series of constraints on climate change policies, but these initiatives have received the appropriate results. Compared to 2010, an increase of 30% of new homes zero carbon emissions achieved remarkable results. Also the British government will also aim to reduce the average temperature of two degrees Celsius. Former Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne, Dr Geoff O'Brien used Newcastle City as an example explores how to adapt the climate changes to the built environment, and the importance of establishing low-carbon eco-city. Mr Gu Yongxing, deputy secretary general of the Chinese Architectural Society talked about the process of industrialization in the construction industry, the inevitable path toward a smart low-carbon industrialization.

   The second part of the forum made a comparison between China’s low-carbon building assessment standards and that of England.BREEAM BRE director Dr Gavin Dunn introduced its development process and evaluate operating modes.BRE successfully developed the Building Environmental Assessment tool BREEAM, which is the world's most detailed assessment of the most informative patterns, also the first low carbon building assessment system.Dr Han Jihong from SRIBS reviewed the development of Chinese Green Building Three Star system and its implementation in Shanghai. Professor Jian Kang revealed his latest research findings and noise reduced glazing technology.Hongsheng Group CEO Mr Zhou jinghu gave a short talk about their new low carbon industrial park development in Jiangxi province, China.

    The third part of the forum  focused on the  design, building and  finance of  low-carbon buildings. After BRE highlighted their innovative garden design and construction concepts and global networks. Zero-energy building world-renowned designer Chris Twin introduced his design experience in both Britain and the United Kingdom ,stressing the need to strengthen inclusive mindset substantive cooperation, seek common ground, common rapid development of low-carbon buildings.Dr. Tianqingwen, from ADAPT,introduced some successful cases in China-UK jointly bulit low-carbon buildings. He also announced the important role technology innovation plays in the development of low-carbon industrilization , promoting the new modes of low-carbon innovation.

    The conference also had a panel discussion of opportunities and challenges for future cooperation between the UK and China, Jaya Skandamoorthy Chinese director of BRE's summarized this meeting, hoping BRE to cooperate with Chinese companies and institutions in further ways, and there would be more buildings projects through BREEAM certification, BRE is also willing to help China in the construction industry to accelerate the pace of low-carbon industries.  CBEEs President, Dr.Zhou Lei highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer, the future of low-carbon industrial development needs focus on knowledge and education, industries and universities should work tightly to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological innovations, combining their respective strengths of China and Britain, strong cooperation, leading the wave of the global forth industrial revolution towards a smart low carbon society.

The forum is mainly participated by China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), China Foreign Trade, Climate Change Solutions Ltd, XJTLU, ADAP +, KROED, green building Windows, Beijing Saiwill Education and Technology Ltd., University of Sheffield, Harbin Institute of Technology, Heilongjiang University and Landthings Ltd.

   More information about the event can be found at the forum's official website  www.lowbuild.com and http://www.bre.co.uk/eventdetails.jsp?id=8232 (reported by CBEEs with BRE)